Can We Justify Boxing?

The game of boxing originated in Ancient Greece around 688 BC and evolved slowly during 16-18 centuries into prizefights. There have been different feelings concerning the game, where the fans say that the game is beneficial as it boosts physical fitness as well as discipline. Fans also believe that the game has helped many youths do away with violence and has reduced poverty. Critics, on the other hand, say it is a cruel and dangerous game that should be banned as it may cause harm to the participants.

The discussion at hand is whether the sport of boxing can be justified, or should it actually be made illegal. Today, we’ll look at a couple sides of each argument. The negatives are pretty obvious:

  • The sport is risky and can be categorized as physical assault, despite being a voluntary game, participants end up getting hurt and this in itself shows that the game is dangerous to the human body.
  • The primary objective of the game is causing a knockout which leads to head injury. Some head injuries occur as an accident while participating in other sports, but in a boxing game knockout is the goal and this may cause major damage to the participant’s health.
  • Due to the constant eye and brain injuries, many doctors call for the banning of the game because these injuries cause serious problems to boxers even after retirement.
  •  Children can learn the wrong message, especially when people flaunt hurting others as way to get rich and famous.

Here’s a video on the potential dangers of brain damage:

Below are a few advantages you can be sure will benefit any participant when taking up the sport of boxing:

  • Boxing encourages physical fitness, since the game requires highly fit people it has encouraged people to take care of their bodies.
  • The game improves self-confidence and gives young people self-defense skills.
  • Some people believe that boxing has helped to eradicate poverty. Since the game was made an Olympic sport and common wealth game people are paid to participate, and this helps reduce poverty levels by teaching work ethic and self-discipline.
  • There are many discussions concerning this sport and how it can benefit society. The game is said to instill discipline because it emphasizes mental and physical stability, but if a game causes bodily harm to a person intentionally, then it’s a sign that the game should not be promoted and even made illegal as it causes more harm than good.

We have seen the two points of view, so should boxing be made illegal? Despite the benefits that people reap from the game, it is also dangerous, and it leads to health problems that may worsen in players in their old age.