How Does a Boxer Train?

Boxers have a lot of hard work to do before they go for their bouts. Their conditioning, pace, concentration, fitness, and technique all need to be on check. Winning in a boxing match is no mean feat; it always reflects what the boxer has been working towards.

The greatest boxer to ever live, Mohammad Ali, also recognized the need for hard work and dedication in training. To him, the fight wasn’t won in the 12 rounds but in the gym and on the road. A well-conditioned boxer can unleash a barrage of blows that will end the fight in a matter of seconds if the opponent is not well prepared. So how does a boxer train? In this article, we shall delve
into the training of a boxer and see what exactly it entails;

This is one part of it, and it usually involves a lot of road work. You have to be ready to hit the road for slow running and do fast sprints too. The fast-paced running helps a fighter get used to giving short bursts of energy in the ring, and slow running adds to your endurance and stamina. While slow running, boxers can sometimes shadow box, just to get themselves used to throw punches on the move. In this post, you’ll find some great exercises for cardio to include in your boxing training.

Polymetrics and foot drills
Upper body power is great to have in boxing; it’s one of the key factors that separate the winners from the losers. A good boxer does not neglect the lower body though. Take, for instance, Rocky Marciano. He didn’t have much of a torso, but his legs were huge, and his record speaks for itself.

Foot drills are important in any combat sport. In boxing, the drills allow you to be more clinical in your bursts of energy in the ring. These foot drills allow you to dance around the ring and dispatch your opponent before they even know what hit them.

Bag work
Bag work usually comes last because this is where everything about the boxer’s training regime comes together to form technique. From your stance to feet shoulder-width and a good stagger, everything is worked out at the punching bag. The boxer learns to combine punches and comes up with an efficient game plan that suits their conditioning and temperament while in the ring. With time, the boxer understands their way of boxing and knows which punch works best for them.

Aside from all the training that boxers take on to prepare for the event, they also have to think about weight training. Weight training ensures they stay in their weight category, gaining or losing pounds accordingly.

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