Mrdjenovich looking to become the Face of Women’s Boxing

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PRESS RELEASE – If you were to read the accomplishments of Jelena Mrdjenovich alone you would think she would be headlining HBO 24/7 specials and main eventing boxing’s biggest pay per views, but a PPV chance has eluded the 31 year old. Nonetheless, Mrdjenovich found herself a VIP guest in Las Vegas last Weekend for the biggest fight of the year between Floyd Mayweather vs Marcos Maidana. While in the stands, Jelena was not only a spectator but she was trying to do something never done in her sport. Mrdjenovich, who is the most feared power puncher in the sport, is looking to become the face of women’s boxing not only in the ring, but outside it as well.

While her female counter parts in MMA have been headlining events for 2 years and bringing in some of the biggest numbers on pay per view, the sport of Boxing has yet to accept the female pugilist even on pay per view. With every major title captured and award won by Mrdjenovich, she has set her sights at changing the sport! Starting with the first steps and ground work being laid last weekend in Las Vegas at the biggest fight and the biggest stage. she will be making a major bid to become the First women of Pay Per View in her respective sport.

Although women’s boxing pioneer Christy Martin helped women earn entrance into the sport, Mrdjenovich will be taking that a step further, looking to bring boxing back to the glory of the 1980s. The women’s fights that headline UFC pay per views have beaten the recent PPV buys of male boxers like Bernard Hopkins and even the current heavyweight Champion of the world Waldimir Klitchko. With any luck, Mrdjenovich will be fighting under the bright lights of Las Vegas, attaining comparable success for women on boxing PPVs.

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