Safety Tips For Amateur Boxing

Boxing is thought of as a sport that thrives on violence. Boxers are ‘brutes’ that ‘enjoy hurting people for a living.’ Or so people think, that is. Well, if you find that you have this perception of the sport then you probably don’t know a thing about it. Amateur and professional boxing both have demanding requirements which take a toll on the mind as much as they do the body.

Besides this, the safety measures put in place ensure it is not just two people trying to knock out each other’s lights. For amateur boxing, the bouts-which cannot be referred to as fights, including a lot of safety measures.

Here are some safety tips that amateur fighters use to keep themselves safe in the ring;

1. Protective gear
The sport is one of the safest contact sports out there. In a professional fight, you expect to see bare chest fighters hitting each other and accumulating injuries to the face and upper body. In amateur boxing, the fighters wear special protective headgear with sufficient padding to protect them from head injuries of any kind.

A mouth guard also protects the jaws and teeth from breaking. It also absorbs a lot of shocks, so you or your gums don’t suffer any pain. For amateurs, fighters have to wear jerseys which prevent sweat from getting into an opponent’s eyes as they are hit. Female boxers also have extra safety from a chest guard. Most gear can be easily found at places like Dick’s Sporting Goods.

2. Boxing Gloves Weigh More
In amateur boxing, the gloves are much thicker than the professional type because of extra cushioning. The 10 to 12-ounce gloves are made as such so that the boxers also have trouble keeping them up for long thus you can’t punch as hard as you would in professional boxing.

3. Respecting The Rules And Boundaries
One of the metrics for judging the winner is abiding by the
rules. In a sport where flouting the rules could not only cost you the match but damage your health too, sticking to the rules does not go unnoticed. Judges presiding over amateur games give points to fighters for abiding by the rules. The rule might not influence much in the final decision but could be a tie-breaker in a match where both fighters have been good, but one has exhibited fair-play.

Boxing is an exciting sport where the challenge is squarely placed on one individual, testing them in every way, shape or form. Even though the game has taken a lot of flak for some gruesome injuries in the past, the amateur side of it has taken steps to ensure that every fighter is safe when they step into the ring.